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LG Electronics has been a leading supplier to the hospitality industry with various models of hospitality televisions available.


LX560H Series - Pro:Centric™ Single Tuner™ LED TV with Integrated Pro:Idiom®

LG LX560H Series LED Televisions

32LX560H (32")
40LX560H (40")
43LX560H (43")
49LX560H (49")

LX560H series specification sheet


LX570H Series - Pro:Centric™ Single Tuner™ LED TV with Integrated Pro:Idiom® w/B-Lan

LG LX570H Series LED Televisions

32LX570H (32")
40LX570H (40")
43LX570H (43")
49LX570H (49")
55LX570H (55")
65LX570H (65")

LX570H series specification sheet


LY970H Series - Pro:Centric® Smart IPTV Premium Slim Direct LED TV
with Integrated Pro:Idiom®
- Bezel-less Design

LG LY970H Series

42LY970H (42")
47LY970H (47")
55LY970H (55")
60LY970H (60")

LY970H series specification sheet


LY760H Series - Pro:Centric® Smart Slim Direct LED IPTV - Single Tuner with
Integrated Pro:Idiom®

42LY760H (42")
47LY760H (47")
55LY760H (55")

LY760H series specification sheet


LX340H Series - Slim LED Commercial Widescreen with Commercial Grade Stand (non-Pro:Idiom)

LG LX340H Series

32LX340H (32")
40LX340H (40")
43LX340H (43")
49LX340H (49")
55LX340H (55")

LX340H series specification sheet


UX340H Series - Ultra High Definition Commercial Lite TV (non-Pro:Idiom)

43UX340H (43")
49UX340H (49")
55UX340H (55")
65UX340H (65")

UX340H series specification sheet

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